Letters to the Editor

By GolfPublisher Staff, Staff Report

Dear Shane Sharp:

On behalf of the entire Mississippi Gulf Coast hospitality community, please accept our thanks for your excellent recent article, A recipe for grand golf: the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Your piece captures not only the tremendous growth that our area is experiencing, but also the particular charm and beauty that avid golfers can expect when they choose the Coast as their destination. In your description of the variety of courses available in our lovely region, your writing will surely draw more golf aficionados to the Coast, as they discover the reasons for the Coast's phenomenal success as a golfer's paradise.

With 23 golf courses of varying degrees of difficulty, allowing each golfer to select the ideal course for his or her skill level, it is not surprising that the Mississippi Gulf Coast is currently enjoying a newfound visibility in the national marketplace. This circumstance is very much due to the excellent coverage we have been receiving across the United States, as well as in our own region.

Your outstanding work brings the Mississippi Gulf Coast to the attention of your golf-loving readers in such a favorable way, and plays a large part in the recognition we are receiving. Once again, thank you for the wonderful coverage. Your journalistic skill is certainly evident throughout the entire piece.


Jolie Spiers, Manager, Media Relations
Daisy Karam-Read, Assistant Manager, Media Relations

Sweet Home Alabama

I am glad to see a review of the golf in Alabama and we are happy to see more people come and play in Alabama. But I was offended by the headline to the story ("Gulf Shores is nice, very nice, so don't be fooled by the location - Alabama"). Would you write an article titled "Golf is great in San Francisco, but watch out for the Gays," or the "Rude Yankees up North," or "Mexicans in the Southwest." I guess you do not have to be "PC" when dealing with the South. It is a shame that "Southern Hospitility" has not spread to the rest of the country.

Ken Harper, Bham, Ala.

Golf in the Gulf Shores

I enjoyed your recent article on golfing in Gulf Shores, Ala., since I have played most of the courses you mentioned (as a former resident). I am somewhat disappointed that your article seemed to indicate that there were only 10 courses in the area. You failed to mention the Gulf Shores Country Club (the first course built in Gulf Shores and vicinity) or the Gulf State Park Golf Club. Both of these courses are excellent tracks and very reasonably priced!

Also, there are other courses within a 20 mile radius that are well worth the visit, i.e. Glen Lakes, Soldiers Creek, Grand Bay Golf Club, not to mention the course where the PGA played the Pensacola open (I am at loss for name as it has changed since I moved away, but it is only 2-3 miles from the Lost Colony club). These are really good courses and should not be overlooked when reviewing Gulf Shores area.

Steve Crotwell, Mechanicsville, MD

GolfPublisher Staff, Staff Report

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