Gulf Coast Golf reader has memories of Elvis during a trip to Gulf Hills

In regard to Tim McDonald's article "Gulf Hills has Elvis, Chicago mobsters and some very different elevation changes," my family and I were staying at Gulf Hills Dude Ranch whenElvis Presley was also staying there.

It was 1956 and we were on a motor trip to Houston to visit my step brother and my step dad Dr. V.A. Williams from Pittsburgh planned the trip so we would stay for a time at the dude ranch. One morning we were going to the main building for breakfast and there was a pink Cadillac parked in front of the building. I do believe it had EP engraved on the

driver's door. Which prompted me to have my stepfather summon Dick Waters to our table and he verified that it was indeed Elvis's pink Caddy. I think this was the car he eventually gave to his mother, even though she didn't drive.

My stepfather knew Dick Waters from somewhere, but I don't know where. He was the General Manager of the Club back then, and his son, who they called Dicky Waters was teaching Elvis how to water ski. Funny,but when I got back home nobody believed my story of seeing and sitting in Elvis's pink Cadillac.

Then one day I saw a magazine with his picture in it and he was waterskiing with his pants, shirt and a Mae West on. It went on to say the picture was taken at Gulf Hills Dude Ranch so people then believed my story.

I hope the golf course hasn't sustained much damage from Katrina. On that same trip we then went on to New Orleans for a two-night stopover and this whole week has just made me sick to my stomach.

John Pugh

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  • Gulf Hills

    Olivia wrote on: Dec 25, 2005

    Gulf Hills Is pretty Much totally destroyed. I lived there, but our house is gone.